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April 15 2017

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For Alice
From the White Rabbit
Come back sometime!
Year 1865
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Like Icarus before him

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OMG it's full of stars!
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Beautiful Laptop & Keyboard Stickers Inspired by Classical Art

Polish design studio Keyshorts creates amazingly beautiful and high quality decal keyboard tickets, laptop trackpad decals and skins for your phone, laptop and tablet. Inspired by classical art, including Van Gogh’s Starry Night, The Great Wave and Monet’s Water Lilies, each piece is stunning, durable and easy to apply.

Designed with passion and a great eye, they leave to permanent residues, since each decal is made of durable vinyl to protect your keyboard. Among their fine art collection are floral patterns, cosmic prints, gradients and steampunk designs. Find their large selection in their Etsy shop.

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Women tryin’ to have opinions like

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April 11 2017

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People in the notes are upset about “humanizing GWB” lmao

Important to note that he’s painting a series of portraits of veterans who were injured carrying out his orders in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of an art therapy program.

And he is using profits from his royalties to help the families and Iraq war veterans that were hurt during his terms as president

Can’t believe bush is getting a redemption arc

this is the weirdest fucking timeline

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Moses hat sich nicht getraut nach dem Weg zu fragen?
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how I feel about my life right now

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